What is Payroll Fraud? Why should you care? What are the costs? Who pays? How can you help to stop it?
Get up to speed with the key facts about employer payroll fraud. Watch this video, then read and download the fact sheet.  


Fighting Payroll Fraud: A Summary of the Facts

Unscrupulous employers evade workers comp, unemployment insurance, and basic payroll taxes by knowingly misclassifying workers as "independent contractors," paying in cash off the books, and running other scams. They cost taxpayers billions, hurt honest businesses, and exploit workers. Here's what you need to know: Click here.

Cornell University Research

Cornell University recently published Worker Misclassification in New York State - An Overview. The study findings summarize key research on tax costs and rampant violations. It also highlights top New York State actions against employer payroll fraud. The study was done by the University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

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