Customized Curricula, Online Layout Speed Response to Industry Changes

Carpenters build schools, bridges, offices, and power plants. Now they’re building books.

A fusion of Web-based publishing and hands-on training allows for the real-time production of skill-development curriculum designed for the needs of a specific contractor or project.

The Carpenters International Training Fund, a labor-management group that develops curriculum for UBC members, created the Build-A-Book system to get needed skills into the field as quickly as possible, often in a matter of days.

An easy-to-use Internet menu lets training coordinators pull standardized chapters from nearly 80 CITF textbooks (with more in the works) to create state-of-the art, targeted curriculum and companion instructor materials that cross all skill sets.

“We need to be responsive to the demands of the construction industry,” said Bill Irwin, executive director of the CITF. “Build-A-Book does just that by using technology to leverage our unrivaled system of member training that allows our training to be customized for the sequence and type of construction anywhere in North America.”


CITF Training Solutions:
See how our online Build-A-Book system works—then try it yourself.

Video: How we Build Books Online

CLICK HERE to watch a step-by-step explanation of how to use the CITF storefront as well as how to create your own training manual using the Build-A-Book process.

Demo: Create a Sample Manual

CLICK HERE to practice with an interactive demo version of the CITF online bookstore.

Create & Order Training Materials

UBC Affiliated Training Directors and Coordinators or their authorized representatives with password can click here to access the CITF Training Solutions log-in page.   

Don’t have a login yet?  UBC Affiliated Training Directors and Coordinators or their authorized representatives can contact the Carpenters International Training Center, (702) 938-1111, and ask for a CITF Training Solutions registration form. The registration form must be approved by a UBC Affiliated Training Director or Coordinator.