Pokorney: You don't have to be 'somebody' to be involved

When Dan Pokorney is given a job, rest assured he will stay at it and give it his best effort. Crediting his family for his inspiration to serve his community, the near four-decade member of Carpenters Industrial Council Local 2851 is also an anchor in his hometown’s civic, church and city hall operations.

Pokorney’s 16 years of elected leadership in La Grande, Oregon includes eight on the School Board (the last two years as Chairman), four years on City Council, and now four years as Mayor.

“I try to represent the constituents that elected me in all that I do. As Mayor, I have attended over 500 events and meetings.

“This country needs everyone to get involved in the political process. Everyone's viewpoint is important and to make a difference, all you need is the desire to be a patriot in the model of our forefathers. They put their lives, fortunes, and futures on the line to create and build the great country that we have today.

“Being a union member and getting involved in your community shows that our viewpoints are valid. The everyday person that goes to work each day has just as much to offer as anyone else. You don't have to be 'somebody' to be involved, but you will be 'somebody' if you get involved.”