Union Carpenters Help Lead the Way

In Kentucky’s Special Election – Hold Off Right to Work Attack


Thanks at least in part to the efforts of UBC members and other union activists, Democrats were able to win three of the four seats in the Kentucky state House that were up for grabs in the special election held on Tuesday, March 8. This victory allows them to increase their slim majority in that chamber by one vote. This majority is vitally important to working families because Republicans in the state legislature have vowed to a pass right to work law, as was recently done in neighboring West Virginia.
“Our members in Kentucky understood the importance of holding onto a majority in the House and turned out in force to help make that happen,” said General President Douglas McCarron. “And they know that they’ll have to do it again in November when all of the seats are up for election.”

Sources have recognized the role that labor played in these close elections. Particular in the northern and eastern parts of the state where workers have seen passage of right to work laws and the negative effects those laws have had in Indiana and West Virginia. Because of the success in this special election Democrats now control 53 of the 100 seats in the House. However, all 100 House seats will be on the ballot in the November election.
“Our members know what is at stake,” said Mark McGriff, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters. “They made a difference in this special election by being active and I know our UBC members will turn out in force come the fall.”