Congress Passes $305 Billion Highway Funding Bill

The UBC applauds the passage in Congress of a new $305 billion Highway Funding bill that will generate hundreds of thousands of construction jobs. The five-year spending measure, the longest for a transportation measure in 17 years, will provide money for roads, ports and rail projects, and will renew the Export-Import Bank. The measure cleared the Senate 83-16 after a 359-65 vote in the House. As President Obama signed the bill into law he said, “This bill is not perfect, but it is a commonsense compromise, and an important first step in the right direction.”


We agree. This desperately needed bill came after years of advocating for reasonable infrastructure spending by the UBC and its members, along with the Hardhats for Highways coalition. The bill was announced a day after Secretary Hillary Clinton, the UBC-endorsed presidential candidate, unveiled her own comprehensive infrastructure plan. Senator Sanders chose not to vote on this crucial bill and Senators Rubio, Cruz and Paul all voted against the measure, despite the important nature of the funding and the jobs it will create.


We extend our thanks to the Representatives and Senators who voted for this bill—and our congratulations to the thousands of UBC members who helped to make it happen by signing petitions, making phone calls and visiting their legislators. We will not rest. There is more that can be done to improve the infrastructure in the U.S., which creates jobs and improves the economy by ensuring a better movement of goods and services.