Developing Leaders: Members Step Up to Build the UBC and the Industry

The links in this section bring you stories of UBC members from every craft and location who have taken part in UBC leadership programs and are stepping up, embracing the call for being strong in the union and on the job.

Just as job skills can be learned, the UBC believes its members can also develop union-building and leadership qualities. The UBC’s Department of Education and Training (DET) is helping members do just that: Become more aware, more involved, and more effective—on the job and within the union.

In the past decade, thousands of members, staff, and officers have taken part in DET’s multi-day courses at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, which offers live-in facilities and state-of-the-art meeting space. 

Courses taken by those profiled here include:

  • Delegate Training: Effective representation of, and communication with, local union members
  • Third-Year Apprentices: Helping build our industries, economics, how productivity pays off, and UBC history
  • UBC Journeymen: Building leadership for a strong future, skills to help others grow on the job and in the union
  • Foreman Training: Management and communication for strong job site leadership
The members profiled here have completed two or more of these major programs. They have seen the UBC’s positive vision and have stepped up to lead the Brotherhood into that better future.

DET programs teach abilities, with practical tools that can help all members strengthen the union and our market share:  member retention, leadership, and communication; grassroots political action; industry trends; marketing and the media; and planning and goal setting.

“To continuously build a smarter, stronger Brotherhood, we need our officers, staff, and members to have all of the skills for moving us ahead,” said General President Doug McCarron, who talks with participants at many DET sessions.

“We all have to do our part. As Carpenters, we start by working with our hands. These programs help members—at every stage of their careers—to be leaders who work with their heads and their hearts, too.”