“Challenge each other to be better than who we are.”

Below are excerpts from just a few of the letters, notes and e-mails participants have written to UBC General President Doug McCarron and the staff of the UBC Department of Education and Training, as well as from a superintendent’s e-mail to his staff.

From a Third-Year Apprentice...

Dear Mr. McCarron,
Thank you so much for allowing me to attend the 3rd year apprentice program.  I am extremely grateful to have been chosen for this amazing experience. I am exceedingly honored and proud to be part of this United Brotherhood of Carpenters. Without this union, my dreams would not be the reality they are today!

My Sincere Thanks,
Lisa Marx,  Pacific Northwest Regional Council, Local 70
Mt. Vernon, WA

From a Journeyman Leadership Program Participant...

“I just would like to say that I really see a ton of value in the Journeyman Leadership program and its content. Your guest speaker Mark Breslin was inspiring and brash, which was exactly what I needed—his passion was clear and his direction was precise. I really enjoyed the whole experience of the program and the staff team was very insightful and humble. I feel privileged to have met all of you. Thank you for doing what you’re doing. I took the liberty of writing out some thoughts I had after this inspiring program...”

A Sustainable Future
The carpenters union has a rich heritage that can be sustained—and be revolutionary—in this ever-changing industry. True sustainability is what we strive for. Preserving the union carpenters’ name as the best of the best in our industry is attainable and will be achieved if every able bodied, strong-willed, and highly trained UBC member out there conducts himself or herself with the highest standards of professionalism in all aspects of life.

We must not believe that the respect is inherited, but must be earned and continually proven every day out there on the job and in our training centers.

The desire to rebuild the confidence in our contractors and communities is and will continue to be a goal we should all take seriously because things can get worse—and will continue to do so, especially if some political groups have their way and are able to implement their platforms which could and will affect our quality of life right now and for future generations to come.

The harsh reality is that our heritage is in jeopardy and could be a distant memory in the very near future if we are unable to find the direction that will allow us to truly be sustainable. Programs that are offered locally and internationally, like the Journeyman Leadership Program, are available to us and allow us to build upon our toolbox of skills.

Whether the skills or the programs are specific or broad, what matters is developing ourselves as revolutionaries and game-changers. Let’s pursue our passions together as a united membership to succeed in this globally destitute market, and achieve our market share by getting involved, staying focused, and not letting the past dictate the future.

We all owe ourselves the chance to make a difference with our infectious attitudes, so let’s ask ourselves:  What can we do to start to make a difference?  Every day, do better. Keep evolving. And never ever forget who we are—the best.

Cory James
Ontario District Council, Local 27
Cambridge, Ontario

From A Journeyman...

Dear Mr. McCarron,
I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to participate in “Transformational Leadership Training for Journeymen” and to tour the International Training Center. The training provided was excellent and well developed. The entire time spent there was inspiring and encouraging. The knowledge I received at the facility was an experience of a lifetime and has motivated me to become a more effective leader. Thanks again for sharing your vision and knowledge with me.

Louis A. Ranger
Ontario District Council, Local 27
Oshawa, Ontario

From a Contractor to His Colleagues...

I was recently very blessed to attend the second part of the UBC sponsored Journeyman Leadership training conference... It was well put together, very focused and is a great stepping stone to shape and mold any company into being the best. …This is a winning situation from a [company] standpoint. It helps the members focus on being productive, assertive employees that will be aggressive in going after work and maintaining a highly professional image...  In a nutshell, to be effective we need to be selfless. We need to take each opportunity as individuals in this company to build one another up and challenge each other to be better than who we are. I can tell you this:  It is contagious. If it spreads enough, we could be GREAT.

Rob Giese
Industrial Millwright Superintendent
Miron Construction Co., Inc.
Wausau, Wisconsin

From a Third-Year Apprentice...

Dear President McCarron,
My name is Martin Dugan and I am a proud member of Carpenters Local 290 on Long Island, NY. I have just returned from a four-day trip to our training facility in Las Vegas. The program for third-year apprentices is by far second to none, as well as the men and women who are instructors there. It fills me with pride to have been chosen to represent my Local at this program, and I learned many things in my short time there. Your words on closing day, about how we are the future leaders of our union, and how we need to return to our home Locals and spread the word, were spot on and filled me with optimism. I consider it my duty to work toward making us the best equipped, best educated, and most productive union in the world, with a market share that far exceeds 70 percent. Thank you again for welcoming me to the training center. I hope to return in the near future to take advantage of the top-notch training offered there and to make myself a better carpenter, a better mentor to the incoming generation, and a better person in general.

Brother Martin D. Dugan Jr.
Northeast Regional Council, Local 290
Mineola, NY