How To Join

Do you want to develop great skills, work hard on every job, and earn fair pay and respect for that work? If you have the drive and the can-do attitude to become a true professional, consider becoming a member of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

The carpenters' trade includes many specialities and crafts. Whatever the work, though, we  give our best effort every hour in return for fair pay and respect. We play by the rules and expect others to do the same. We’re competitive by nature and want to be the best.

From top to bottom, we set the bar high and we watch each others’ backs. Our members receive world-class training and are expected to give 100 percent on the job. We fight for our rights and contribute to our communities.

It’s no different with our union. Across the U.S. and Canada, everything our Brotherhood does strives to help individual members succeed today and build a better future, too. Our 130-year history and our founders’ vision of representing members and training carpenters for challenging, productive careers are foundations that inspire us still.

Start by Contacting Your Nearest UBC Council

Whether you're a seasoned construction veteran or someone seeking to start a career through our acclaimed apprenticeship and training programs, if you think you have what it takes to be part of our trade and our union, we invite you to click here or on the link below to contact the UBC council in your area for information on how to join.