Operations and Locations

The UBC got its start in cities and towns across North America. Those same locales are where our day-to-day work of the union continues today.

We are where the construction industry needs us.

To maximize our responsiveness, we continue to restructure by knitting together hundreds of local unions into a new foundation of regional councils that more closely mirror the structure of the construction industry.

Today, the UBC’s physical presence is seen in scores of modernized council headquarters that in many places are also home to union-management-administered apprenticeship training centers.

This continent-wide presence in wood, bricks, and mortar reflects the Brotherhood’s commitment to building the future.

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/AltaTCExterior2.sflb.ashx

    Alberta & Northwest Territories Regional Council

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/Chicago.sflb.ashx

    Chicago Regional Council

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/IndianaKentucky.sflb.ashx

    Indiana/Kentucky Regional Council

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/MARCC.sflb.ashx

    Mid-Atlantic Regional Council

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/N_Cal.sflb.ashx

    Northern California Regional Council

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/New_Lebanon.sflb.ashx

    Greater Pennsylvania Regional Council/New Lebanon

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/OntarioA.sflb.ashx

    Central Ontario Regional Council

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/Philly.sflb.ashx

    Metropolitan Regional Council of Philadelphia and Vicinity

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/Phoenix.sflb.ashx

    Southwest Regional Council/Phoenix

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/SW.sflb.ashx

    Southwest Regional Council/Ontario, Calif

  • ../Libraries/Where_We_Are_Slideshow/Tucson.sflb.ashx

    Southwest Regional Council/Tucson

Above are just a few of our regional facilities.