Carpenters International Training Center:
Flagship of our $200-Million-a-Year Investment in the Industry


The Carpenters International Training Center (ITC) is a thriving monument to the Brotherhood's commitment to skills and productivity, and to building strength as a union and an industry partner.

Truly a campus, completion of Phase 5 in late 2013 will enlarge the center to nearly a million square feet. Along with more than 300 guest rooms and full dining facilities, the ITC's core is vast shops, dozens of classrooms, and flexible conference space that can accommodate multiple groups or events of up to 800.  The ITC truly serves as the hub through which the UBC and its working members can rapidly deliver in-demand skills into the field.

Above all, the ITC is where we develop and train local trainers who deliver the most current craft-skills instruction to members at more than 200 centers around North America. The ITC supports the creation of new courses that meet contractors' evolving needs, and it is home to ongoing refinements in core courses such as interior systems; scaffolding; concrete formwork; commercial doors and hardware; gas- and steam-turbine installation and maintenance; and many others.

The center also hosts direct member training in power-generation and other special crafts, as well as industry conferences and an array of development programs that teach our members leadership, productivity, project management, communication, and other skills.

The Carpenters International Training Center is keeping union carpenters and our signatories competitive--whatever the future may bring.

Take our video tours to see the ITC and its varied programs in action.

Training is what gives the UBC and our signatory contractors their strong competitive advantage.  The Carpenters International Training Fund (CITF) is the driving force that makes our world-renowned training system possible.

The CITF and its affiliated training programs invest more than $200 million a year to develop and deliver training for UBC members. Through a network of more than 200 training centers across North America and 2,500 full-time instructors, UBC members can learn today’s in-demand skills at little or no out-of-pocket expense.

Our curriculum is developed at the International Training Center in Las Vegas with input from contractors; industry experts; and product and equipment manufacturers. It provides apprentices and journeymen with the skills to be the safest and most productive workers on the jobsite.

Through UBC skills training, members are able to hone their craft and enhance their knowledge—creating new opportunities for them and making their employers more competitive.

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