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ISIB Spearheads New UBC Fitness Initiative

The UBC International Sisters in the Brotherhood Committee has launched a new initiative to help UBC members Stay Fit for Work with the slogan Move Better, Work Better, Live Better. The initiative was first unveiled at the UBC’s 41st General Convention last August and is now being actively promoted including through a designated section of

The web page promotes the new UBC Stay Fit for Work exercise poster and a wide variety of other resources that can be used by all members to stay healthy, be more productive and prolong their careers.

For more information on the initiative check out

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Here is an outstanding recruitment and marketing video, featuring female members from the Northeast Regional Council. Click here to check it out!



Every day, thousands of women play a critical role in making the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America the best union in North America. 

UBC women are in every area of the trade and the union: as foremen, superintendents and lead instructors; on the staff of Councils and locals; and, of course, on jobsites—as carpenters on all kinds of projects, millwrights fine-tuning turbines, pile drivers, floor layers, and mill-cab and industrial workers.

Sisters are indeed helping to build Today's UBC.

Sisters in the Brotherhood supports female members by providing assistance in obtaining craft training and leadership skills; by being advocates on women issues; and by mentoring new members and even potential members. 

SIB conferences offer opportunities to network and participate in workshops that expose women to UBC history and develop skills to become more active within the union. SIB events, meetings, and resources, both local and online, offer substantive support for women members in every Council. 

SIB encourages women to participate in training, develop their skills and job performance, and value productivity and leadership. With those efforts, today's Sisters in the Brotherhood is building a better trade and a stronger, more effective UBC.

Learn more here and via your local SIB committees.


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