Framing and Residential Carpenters

New homes must be built for growing populations, and old homes must be renovated or replaced with new, more efficient ones. It takes a skilled professional to create or renovate these structures expertly and efficiently. Residential carpentry in the UBC focuses on providing our contractors with experts in new building products, new styles, new tools and new technology in today’s housing industry.

Residential carpenters are the primary craft workers on homes, apartments, and condos and assemble and erect the framework of residences. The residential carpenter is an all-around carpenter who has experience in just about every aspect of residential construction. Our professionals are skilled in flooring, windows, doors, interior trim, cabinetry, solid surface, roofing, framing, siding, flooring, insulation, drywall, and more.

Quality Work via Quality Training

UBC framing and residential carpenters receive both classroom and hands-on training at state-of-the-art training centers around the country. Initial training for apprentices and skill-enhancement courses for journeymen are taught by industry veterans or industry and manufacturer technical experts. Each carpenter must complete several years of training specific to residential construction, as well as pass rigorous testing to ensure their qualifications.

Subjects range from basic skills to new technologies, tools, and/or installation methods. This comprehensive training translates into unmatched productivity by UBC members for their employers.

Safety--a top priority for every framing or residential contractor and crew--is a constant element of training. Topics range from OSHA certifications, personal protection measures, containing contaminants, material handling, and more.